• Lookbook Winter ‘14

    Reima takes kids out!

  • Happy Birthday 70-year-old Reima!

    Can you remember when you were a kid? See our fascinating gallery of authentic kids’ outdoor wear through the decades and take part in our competition.

  • For maximum performance

    • Reimatec®products together with extra functional features, for example high-tech/sporty details
    • Water column 8 000 – 15 000, all seams taped
    • Very good durability

  • Get the most out of your skiing trip - build perfect comfort for the slopes, layer by layer. Our active wear collection for winter features all the necessary layers and technical details for snow sports.

  • I can stay out as long as I like

  • Anything is possible!

    Detachable hood

    One zipper pocket
    on right hand side

    High quality reflectors
    to all directions

    Fashionable yet functional
    straight leg ends with snow locks

    Practical foldable Velcro closure on hoods

    Double storm flaps

    Chest pocket

    Long zipper on front

    Durable reinforcements on
    bottom, knees and leg ends

  • Windproof inserts to keep the ears warm

    Handy headset exit

    Ski card pocket on sleeve

    Waterproof ski gloves

    wind & snow

  • #reimajump

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    3. 3. The 3 most popular jumps win Reima® outfits (worth 200 €/each)

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  • Aim for the top

  • Accessorize to create
    your personal style

    When performance counts, don’t forget a moisture-wicking base layer that keeps the skin dry. It will allow you the extra time and energy to go for just one more jump, or slide, or ride.

  • Add a warming mid-layer or two, when needed

    Elastic, detachable straps for comfort in action

  • Functionality in all conditions

    • Waterproof, breathable, comfortable and easy-care all-weather products
    • Water column 5 000 – 15 000, all seams taped
    • Very good durability
  • Fun times need serious protection.

    The weather may change during the day, but in Reimatec® your kids will always be dressed to meet the challenge! Breathability combined with waterproof properties means less chills and longer playtime.

  • Reimatec® even lets you sit in a puddle if you like! Many styles such as this jacket with its lycra inner cuffs and snow lock are also suitable for winter sports.

  • High-quality, quick-dry fleece for mid-layer warmth

    Moisture-wicking base layer for comfort during activities

    Zips at leg ends for easy dressing

    Durable reinforcements

    Many handy zipper pockets keep small necessities safe

  • Reimatec® is the workwear of professional outdoor players

  • Is this
    my size?

    Outdoor wear should be roomy enough for some insulating layers of clothing and some air underneath. Clothes that are too tight don’t keep kids warm. See more information about our sizing.

  • Protection for outdoors

    • Weatherproof, breathable, comfortable and designed with child safety in mind
    • Water column ≤ 5 000, main seams taped
    • Good durability
  • Good news: Straps inside!

    They keep the top of this Kiddo overall off the ground when when popping briefly indoors.

    Handy & dandy

  • This winter I will learn to ski and skate

    The best day to play outdoors is every day. Reima® Red level outfits are great when going to school, yet protective enough to take the occasional slide in the park - or a day trip to the slopes!

  • Reima® outerwear is dirt-repellent and easy-care, yet without harmful chemicals. We vote for saving detergent, water and energy – and spending more time having fun outdoors!

    FUNctional can
    be ecological

  • Reima takes kids out!

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