• Out
    into spring!


  • The adventure

    Spring is the season for new adventures, and kids want to enjoy it to the full.

    All our outdoor jackets have a new surface coating that repels dirt and water better than ever. And of course our protective treatment is safe for children, without any hazardous PFOA

    *PFOA = a substance used in some dirt-repellent textile finishes that can be harmful to the environment and to health

  • Get inspired
    by our spring colours!

  • Play
    with layers

    The functional base layer takes moisture away from your skin, while the middle layer keeps you warm and allows moisture to leave. The weatherproof outer layer protects you from wind, rain and cold conditions.

    the dreamcatcher

    5 spring butterflies caught and released

  • Take me out,
    I'm weatherproof!

    An overall is the best protective outfit for kids in active outdoor play!

  • HA HA!

    And did you know that in Reimatec® pants
    you can even sit in puddles without the water getting in?

  • 3-2-1

    comfort in changeable weather, so try playing with patterns, materials and layer combinations – it’s easy and fun!!

    Play engineer

    Extended testing of waterproof outdoor playwear
    Several hours of waterproof outdoor play research

  • Take
    me out!

    The best jackets for spring are light, waterproof and breathable.

  • Finnish

    for all-weather heroes

    the rain dance

    with a footloose entourage of 10,000 raindrops

  • Can we play frogs?

    Our rainwear and rubber boots are entirely free of PVC and similarly unhealthy substances.

  • Come rain or shine!

  • Spring is the season
    for new

    Liisa, huilaava
    the tag expert

    takes a break 1 hour 23 minutes of romping
    on varying ground

  • Functional underwear helps to keep kids dry and warm indoors and out.

    Good shoes are the key to healthy feet, which in turn make for optimal mobility and posture in children. Remember that new shoes should leave enough room for growing feet!

  • A kid’s world
    is full of

  • Out
    into spring!

  • Anything
    is possible!

    Leo, the skate captain

    15-mile taxi on an urban runway

  • Explore the
    Great Outdoors

  • What moves us?

    Reima has been working to make sure children have fun outdoors since 1944. Like children, we are inspired by the changing seasons, varying weather and countless opportunities for outdoor merrymaking. We never stop improving our products to enhance the lives of families with children, and we want to remain the world’s leading expert in children’s outdoor adventures for future generations.

We’ve got a mission!

We believe that kids are made to move. We want to spread the joy of outdoors and that's why we have created Reima manifesto.

See our anniversary year video