• Growing up


    Lookbook autumn ‘15

  • We've got a mission!

    Reima is all about kids growing up outdoors. We believe that an active lifestyle and a lot of fresh air makes for happy and healthy children. Since 1944 this vision has given us the passion to design the most functional kids’ wear in the world.

    Let’s get the kids out, whatever the weather!

    Matilda, Leader of
    the Great Treasure Quest


  • Mom says,
    I’m a real


    We call these outdoor explorers Reimakids! Do you have a Reimakid living in your home? Share your very own outdoor specialist photo using the #Reimakid, hashtag on social media and you might win a Reima® outfit!

  • Let’s get ready for school and kindergarten!

    Reima® has everything kids need for a real jump start into an active autumn.

  • As with many things in life, outdoor clothing starts from the base. Reima® Play Jersey items look like ordinary shirts and leggings, but their technical features make them ideal for everyday use.

    Checklist for happy
    fall mornings

  • Take the scenic route
    from school to home

    – for new

  • 2-in-1, this is fun!

    Reima® down jacket is full of smart details. Remove the sleeves and you'll get a vest.
    It's light and warm, so it's comfortable to wear. This multifunctional jacket is every kids' fall favorite!

  • In every season, from tip to toe

    Did you know that Reima® offers a full wardrobe of functional clothing. We dress all kids, from tiny newborn babies to active juniors. For school or day care, hobbies, city strolls... practically anywhere! Reimakids can always go out and stay comfortable and protected, in all weathers.

  • Wetter is better!

    Reimatec® Wettershoes are waterproof and breathable. An extra pair of handy elastic laces lets you skip tying, just slip on and off. Comfortable and easy-wear shoes for active kids, puddle jumps allowed!

  • The sky’s
    the limit
    in my


  • Taking it
    easy between

    school and home

    All our outdoor jackets have a new surface coating that repels dirt and water better than ever. And of course our protective treatment is safe for children, without any hazardous PFOA.

    An ergonomically designed backpack
    with adjustable and padded straps to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • The best outfits for


    Reima has comfortable, stylish, head to toe outfits for schoolkids. In waterproof, breathable clothing your little school champion will be ready to face whatever the day brings, even though mom is not around.

    Soft beanie


    fleece jacket

    Light down jacket
    or vest

    Gloves for chilly

    breathable shoes

    (also for indoor wear)

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    When dressing for a rainy day remember that classic rainwear does not breathe like technical shell garments. The solution for rain dancers is to wear a functional base layer underneath to avoid trapping moisture on the surface of the skin.

  • Mix & Match for FUNctionality

    Three-layer dressing offers endless combination possibilities and superior comfort! Play with prints, materials and layers: The base layer wicks moisture away from the skin. The mid layer retains warmth and transports moisture to the outside. The cover layerprotects from wind, water and dirt..

  • Finnish design

    for all-weather heroes

We’ve got a mission!

We believe that kids are made to move. We want to spread the joy of outdoors and that's why we have created Reima manifesto.

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