• Best friend on
    a summer’s day

    Lookbook Summer 2015

  • Hooray!
    Summer's coming!

    The Reima Lookbook introduces the summer collection. Explore our latest range, be inspired and get shopping. Join Reima on a voyage of discovery this summer!

  • Explore the
    great outdoors

    The warm summer sun is the perfect invitation to get out and get active! Reima® T-shirts are perfect for all kinds of activities – the fabric wicks moisture away from the body so they feel comfortable and cool against the skin. And they easily stay looking great wash after wash – no wrinkles, no ironing!

  • Very light style
    with ventilation
    at back

    Soft cotton surface
    with moisture transport
    on reverse

    SunProof material
    with UV cut 50+

    UV protection
    factor 30+

    Possibility to
    store jacket
    into separate pouch


    Happy Fit measure
    both on the outsole
    and insole helps in
    finding the correct size

    Safely in the sun!

  • Summer is
    my season

    When you're heading off on a summer trip or on holiday you only want to pack the essentials. Busy lives demand light, adaptable clothing that's easy to carry and as simple to care for as possible. Take it easy this summer and go wherever the mood takes you – easily – protected from the weather!

  • Elias,
    the solar

    2 hours
    14 minutes of
    UV radiation
    shield spying

    Remember to protect your child's eyes. Reima® sunglasses are a good solution – not just in the summer but all year round, whenever the weather's clear and sunny.  All sunglasses come with a handy protective bag and the smaller models also come with an excellent elastic band to keep them on securely.

  • Take me out!

    anti-fog lenses

    protected sunglasses

    band strap

    Summer for children is a time of lots of sunshine, fresh air and fun with friends.

  • Finnish design

    for all-weather

  • Reima® dresses and T-shirts are made from flexible, breathable, fast-drying and non- iron materials. Most models also have UV protection. These products are the perfect choice for active kids on hot summer days!

    40 x
    more fun
    on the

  • Excavator Alex
    levels the
    sandy beach

    1.2 million grains
    of sand to go…

    UV protective wear shields children from sunburn, both in and out of the water. This protective, quick-dry beachwear provides ideal comfort for carefree kids in summer. We want more playtime on sunny days!

  • "First to the jetty wins!"

    UV protection
    does not deteriorate
    on washing

    Sun protection
    factor 50+

    Flexible, breathable
    quick drying

    Outsole of thermoplastic
    rubber protects the
    feet both in and
    out of water,
    velcro fastening

  • Ocean scientist
    Lukas measures the
    water temperature

    6 dips under the surface

    In Reima® SunProof clothing you can stay out in the sunshine with no worries an impressive 50 times longer than without protection. The flexible tricot feels cool against the skin and has a sun protection factor of 50+. The protection is based on white pigments, the kind that are also used in toothpaste. The pigment is inside the fibres so that the protection it provides doesn't deteriorate in the wash. Safe and practical!

  • A kid's
    world is
    full of

    Games on the beach with the little ones are nothing but fun when you've got the right gear. Have a great day out on the beach!

    Hood + UV50
    = a complete

    Comfortable beach wear
    after swimming

    Soft yarn-dyed
    striped terry

    Press button
    opening in
    leg inseams

  • Wishing you
    a carefree summer,
    from Reima

    What moves us?
    Reima has been working to make sure children have fun outdoors since 1944. Like children, we are inspired by the changing seasons, varying weather and countless opportunities for outdoor merrymaking. We never stop improving our products to enhance the live of families with children, and we want to remain the world's leading expert in children's outdoor adventures for future generations.

We’ve got a mission!

We believe that kids are made to move. We want to spread the joy of outdoors and that's why we have created Reima manifesto.

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